17-18 HUD CoC NOFA

The 17-18 HUD CoC NOFA is out, and can be found in this pdf. More information can be found on HUD’s website. Please also read the GLHRN announcement of the NOFA cycle, which outlines the process for these HUD NOFA grants. Ingham’s projects can be found in our Grant Inventory Worksheet (GIW). Our CoC follows HUD’s prioritization notice of CPD-16-11, and we have also uploaded draft minutes of a key Finance meeting on 7/14/16 and a key Board meeting on 8/1/16.

Here is the local application for the FY 17-18 CoC grant cycle. There is also a Word version of the application. In order to provide some more details, HRCS had a training session on the application. A recording of it can be found here. Our ranking process is described here, and we also have the ranking sheet with instructions.

The Finance recommended and Board approved final project rankings are here. The minutes for the applicant meeting show tips for the individual applications that HUD requires.

We have uploaded the collaborative application and project listing. The following are the HUD CoC applications submitted for this 17-18 grant year:

Advent House Ministries: Hope Housing
Advent House Ministries: Next Step Housing
Advent House Ministries: PSH for Families
CACS: RRH for Families
CFC: Crossroads
CFC: RRH For Youth (Bonus)
EVE: RRH for DV Survivors (Bonus)
GLHC: Walnut
LHC : PSHBonus (PSH4)
LHC: Shelter Plus Care
MMRS Inc: Sober Center
VOAMI: Ingham County PSH 1 
VOAMI: Ingham County PSH 2 
VOAMI:  PSH Bonus (PSH 4) 
HRCS: Planning Grant


The following is a schedule of the GLHRN-CoC local competition deadlines for the HUD FY 2016 CoC Program Competition funding opportunity:

Information from the 16-17 HUD CoC NOFA can be found in this historical webpage.

The Continuum of Care for Ingham County, Michigan