FY17 HUD CoC Program Applications for Review and Comment

Find below the community, or collaborative, application along with applications for each project that we are requesting funding for.  The project applications being submitted were all scored and ranked by community stakeholders based on how the projects address the community’s needs and priorities.

*Note: All applications are in PDF format.

FY17 HUD CoC App – Collaborative App

Permanent Supportive Housing Project Applications

Hope Housing

Hope Housing Expansion

Ingham County PSH 1

Ingham County PSH 2

Permanent Housing for Families

Permanent Supportive Housing 2

Permanent Supportive Housing Bonus

Shelter Plus Care

Walnut Apartments

Rapid Re-housing Project Applications

Ending Family Homelessness through Rapid Re-housing

Fresh Start

Transitional Housing and Joint Transitional and Rapid Re-housing

Rapid Rehousing for Youth (Joint TH-RRH)

Sober Center (TH)

Homeless Management Information System


-*All applications have been submitted to HUD.  Thank you for your interest and input.*-

We invite your input.  If you have comments about any of the above applications that will be submitted to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, please submit them to Katrina.urista@lansingmi.gov by the end of the day Tuesday, September 26, 2017.

The Continuum of Care for Ingham County, Michigan