HUD CoC Program Grant Information

The deadline for receiving applications for the 2018-2019 program year has passed.   The applications submitted to the GLHRN are all posted below.

FY18 CoC New_Bonus+Expansion-Advent House-Fresh Start-RRH

FY18 CoC New_DV Bonus-EVE-DV RRH Project-RRH

FY18 CoC New_Reallocation+Expansion-Advent House-Hope Housing-PSH

FY18 CoC New_Reallocation-LoveJoy-Lansing Level Up-PSH(wLOI)

FY18 CoC Renewal-Advent House-Hope Housing-PSH

FY18 CoC Renewal-Advent House-PSH for Families-PSH

FY18 CoC Renewal-Child&Family Charities-RRH for Youth-TH+RRH

FY18 CoC Renewal-Lansing Housing Commission-PSH 2-PSH

FY18 CoC Renewal-Lansing Housing Commission-Shelter Plus Care-PSH

FY18 CoC Renewal-One Church One Family-RRH for Families-RRH

FY18 CoC Rewewal-Advent House-Fresh Start-RRH

FY18 CoC Rewewal-VOA-Ingham County PSH 1+2-PSH(consolidation)

FY18 CoC Rewewal-VOA-Ingham County PSH Bonus-PSH

The 18-19 HUD CoC NOFA is out, and can be found in this pdf. More information can be found on HUD’s website.

GLHRN Announcement of HUD CoC FY2017 Funding Opportunity (PDF) explains the application process, schedule, and informational meeting dates.

The GLHRN application deadline has passed and the applications are posted for public review: GLHRN FY2017 HUD CoC Applications

All of the applications have been scored by local stakeholders and have been ranked based on the score of the applications.  The ranking of the project applications is published in this PDF: FY17 HUD CoC final ranking (PDF)

Below are the GLHRN application form for the HUD FY2017 funding along with a ranking score sheet and instructions that explain how applications will be scored.    The deadline to submit applications has passed.  Thank you to all the applicants.

GLHRN-Grant Application for HUD 2017 NOFA (word)

Following the application deadline all project applications will be distributed for scoring using the sheet linked to below.  All ranking score sheets must be emailed to of the City of Lansing HRCS department by noon on Thursday, August 17, 2017.  One score sheet should be used for each application.

HUD CoC FY2017 Ranking score sheet & Instructions (word)

EventTime and Date
Application Released8/2/17
Informational pre-application meeting at CRM-WCS1 pm on 8/3/17
CoC application due to City of Lansing HRCSnoon on 8/14/17
Application ranking score sheets due to City of Lansing HRCSnoon on 8/17/17
Finance/Board meeting to rate applications and approve the ranking at CRM-CWSnoon on 8/22/17
Informational esnaps application meeting at CRM-WCS - Please RSVPnoon on 8/24/2017
Project applications due in esnaps8/25/17

In addition to the FY2017 HUD CoC Program application process a new applicant is being sought through a competitive process to provide Rapid Re-housing services for families under the FY2016 NOFA.  This project will operate from September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018.  The applicant must be willing to accept an active caseload and must provide 25% in-kind or cash match to the project.  Applications are due to by noon on Monday, August 14, 2017.

RRH For Families 17-18 Application (w_exhibits) (word)

Information from the 16-17 HUD CoC NOFA can be found in this historical webpage, and information from the 17-18 CoC NOFA can be found here.

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