The Housing Assessment and Resource Agency, or HARA, is GLHRN’s coordinated intake and assessment agency. While clients may not always come into our system via the HARA, all clients need to be assessed via the HARA or their partners. Our HARA is administered by the Volunteers of America. More information can be found on the training page. If you would like to contact another community’s HARA, MSHDA maintains a list of HARA agencies in Michigan.

After assessment, the HARA will refer clients to the program or programs that best fit the client’s needs. The HARA also has limited funding for Rapid Re-Housing and homeless Prevention, but these are only available to eligible clients. For more information, please see this flyer, which also includes location and times for the HARA’s outreach into the community.

When referring a client to the HARA, please use HMIS if you are able. If your agency does not participate in HMIS, you can use this paper form or the following electronic form. These forms are only for use by providers in Ingham County. Clients may not self refer.

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The Continuum of Care for Ingham County, Michigan