The 2017-2018 MSHDA NOFA has been released, and can be found here. GLHRN’s MSHDA application can be found here. The submitted applications can be found here.

We don’t have our allocation yet, so unless that changes, we will rank based on percentages. Last year, we received $364,897, and we will assume we will receive the same amount. Therefore, when you apply, know that whatever amount you apply for will be converted into a percentage of 364,897 for ranking purposes.

Any network member in good standing for the past year can apply for this grant, but MSHDA does have some rules on funding that were not clearly in their Notice of Funding Availability:

  • MSHDA will not fund any shelter programs that did not receive funding during the previous grant cycle. The shelter funding can only receive up to 30% of the grant amount.
  • The CE agency (HARA) is the only agency that can apply for prevention and RRH. It must receive at least 40% of the grant amount.
  • 7% of the amount is reserved for admin for the fiduciary.
  • Billed outreach activities can only be street outreach to unsheltered clients.
  • Every agency receiving funding will need to submit an organizational mission statement, current board of directors, an organizational chart, a housing employee roster including all whose duties include housing services with the total number of hours worked per week, a target/service area map, the most recently completed audit, including letters, certification forms, etc., an accounting certification form, most recent 990, the current year’s budget, a certificate of good standing from the last 12 months, a 501 c3 designation letter, articles of incorporation, organizational bylaws, MSHDA’s Conflict of Interest Certification, proof of crime and dishonesty Insurance, their fraud policy, their indirect cost plan (if applicable), and proof of liability insurance.
Application Released5/19/17
Application Due5/30/17 at midnight
Finance Recommendations6/9/17
Board Approval6/27/17

Information on last year’s MSHDA ESG process can be found here.

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